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Establishing Legal Guardianship in Montgomery County, MD

There are many cases where you may need to establish legal guardianship over a minor in your care. Perhaps their parents have died or been severely injured in an accident. Maybe the parent or parents have not been providing proper care, and you’ve taken the child in. Whatever the reason, it’s in your and the child’s best interest to establish legal guardianship, so the law works in your favor when it comes to decisions about the child. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the losing end of a court battle when a parent or another family member attempts to regain custody of the child. At H&H LawWorks we are here to help you establish legal guardianship in Montgomery County, MD. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

woman holding little girls hand

When Is Guardianship Necessary?

Establishing guardianship is really only necessary if you plan to care for the child for an extended period of time. If you only plan to house and care for the child for a few weeks or months, guardianship is likely not necessary. However, if you’re planning for the child to stay longer than this or indefinitely, custody is a good idea. Establishing yourself as the child’s guardian will make many tasks more manageable, as you’ll easily be able to enroll the child in school, take them for medical care, and register them for benefits. Guardianship will also protect you if a parent attempts to regain custody. Even if you feel that the parent is unfit, they can easily get custody of the child if you have not established guardianship. While it won’t guarantee that the child will remain in your care if a parent wants them back, having guardianship definitely helps your chances.

What Is Conservatorship?

Conservatorship is legal permission given to an individual to make financial and business decisions on behalf of another individual who is incapacitated in some way. Perhaps the person has aged and is not of sound mind to make their own decisions. Maybe the person has been in an accident that has left them incapacitated. If the individual has not planned ahead and executed a power of attorney or advance directive, a friend or family member must go to court and establish a conservatorship before making any decisions on the person’s behalf. Once permission is granted, the appointed conservator is able to carry out decisions for the incapacitated person.

Contact Us to Discuss Guardianship and Conservatorship

At H&H LawWorks, we’re able to help our clients gain guardianship and conservatorship, protecting the interest of all parties involved. Whether you are caring for a minor or you’re looking after the estate of an elderly loved one, we’ll help you get the legal rights you need to make decisions about their care and finances. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Do you need help settling family legal matters or planning for the future of your estate? Our team is here to represent you and ensure your rights are protected.