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Silver Spring Family Law Attorney Helping Clients With Custody & Child Support Matters

At H&H LawWorks, LLC, we are dedicated to helping clients work through their custody and child support cases with compassion and efficiency. Whether you are the custodial parent or support obligor, our extensive knowledge of Maryland domestic relations law will help you gain the best possible outcome for your case. We also offer limited-scope representation, which allows clients to work pro se (without representation) on certain aspects of their case in order to keep costs low. As you consider your options in choosing a Silver Spring family lawyer, consider contacting H&H LawWorks, LLC today.

Q: I Would Like to Modify My Current Order. Can You Help?

A: Under general principles, a modification of a child support or custody order is possible if the petitioning party can show a significant change in circumstances. As well, with regard to custody, the petitioner must show that the change is in the child’s best interests. If you are the payor party and you are facing financial hardship due to job loss or disability, you may be able to reduce your monthly support amount to better reflect your current financial situation. If you are a custodial parent and would like to modify your order to either include or exclude the other parent, you must show that the change will benefit the child and will not cause undue harm.

Q: I Do Not Have a Current Order in Place. How Can I Get an Initial Order for Custody?

A: If you are in a position where sharing custody of your child has become difficult and unmanageable, it may be time to allow a Silver Spring family law attorney to handle the situation. Filing for an initial custody order will require you, as the petitioner, to show why you should have physical placement of the child as opposed to the child’s other parent. The court will likely also want to consider visitation issues when rendering an initial order, and your Silver Spring family lawyer can help you draft a custody and visitation petition that best reflects your wishes.

Contact a Silver Spring Family Law Attorney Today!

For help with your custody, child support or visitation issues, call H&H LawWorks, LLC at 240-403-2693.

Do you need help settling family legal matters or planning for the future of your estate? Our team is here to represent you and ensure your rights are protected.