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Looking for a Fair Price? Contact a Silver Spring Limited Representation Lawyer Today!

In today’s modern economy, the traditional law office model is no longer considered the only way to approach a legal problem. In fact, traditional billable-hour formats are increasingly considered a wasteful perpetuation of unequal access to justice as middle- and lower-middle-class clients are simply unable to afford the staggering costs of solving a simple legal problem. Fortunately, a Silver Spring limited representation attorney like H&H LawWorks, LLC has devised a solution to this problem by creating fee-based services that allow clients to handle portions of their representation on their own while keeping costs low. If you are interested in limited scope representation or have more questions about how it works, keep reading for additional information.

Q: How Does the Limited Scope Model Differ From the Traditional Law Office?

A: As your Silver Spring limited representation attorney will explain further, a traditional law office bills by the hour for every aspect of your representation. Attorneys impose an outrageous per-hour rate, usually exceeding $300.00, and charge clients in six-minute increments for everything from answering an email to drafting a complaint. Before long, clients owe tens of thousands of dollars for excessive legal services and unnecessary representation.

Limited scope representation is different. It is billed on a flat-fee or capped basis and encourages clients to participate in their own representation as much as possible. The Silver Spring limited representation lawyer charges a flat rate or a capped hourly rate for document preparation, court coaching or answering questions via email, whereas the traditional firm would charge $300.00 hour with no cap, regardless of the task – a model which rewards working as slowly as possible.

Find Your Silver Spring Limited Representation Attorney

If the limited-scope model appeals to you and you are tired of paying thousands of dollars for routine legal representation, consider contacting H&H LawWorks, LLC about your case. If you are comfortable participating in your own representation, including representing yourself at routine hearings, limited scope representation may be your best bet. For more information about how you can protect your money and only pay for what you truly need, call H&H today at 240-403-2693.

Do you need help settling family legal matters or planning for the future of your estate? Our team is here to represent you and ensure your rights are protected.